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Borbone de Napoli

26 Oct Borbone di Napoli

A restaurant conveniently in the city center, Borbone  de Napoli, an unpretentious establishment with great customer service specialized on Italian Food.

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La Briciola

30 Sep

As a family tradition we go out to dinner to celebrate birthdays, it has become somewhat of a challenge at times. This year the choice was easy. There would be two celebrations in one, so a place twice as good was chosen: La Briciola 

La Briciola has won the award Best of DR for a couple of years in a row, including 2013. I have to say it; yes, it is expensive so I would only consider it in very special occasion(very being the keyword here).It´s Located at the Colonial City of Santo Domingo. The infrastructure itself makes a beautiful decoration  along with some painting and sculptures from Botero ( a famous colombian artist known for his overweight colorful characters) and twinkle lights.

From the get go everyone was very attentive and polite. The night started of with a bottle of red wine,  Casillero Del Diablo  as a recommendation from the waiter. I´m more of  white wine or sparkling kind of girl, but I have to admit I really liked this one!

La briciola Casillero del Diablo

Dinner would NOT have been the same without this bottle 🙂

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20 Aug

Market is one of my favorite places to go in the city. The food is always good and the ambiance just makes you feel relaxed;  since you won´t feel like you should overdress just to grab a something to eat (Dominicans tend to dress fancy for a night out ). They have an outdoor terrace which is pretty nice, but I always sit inside so I can enjoy my dinner with the a/c.

The fact that It’s decorated with logs makes me feel like I’m in a modern, plain but elegant cabin . The fact that you can look into the kitchen when your meal is being cooked  is comforting to me, because everything looks clean and I don’t have to worry about finding little surprises on my plate.
Log decorated oven

love it 🙂

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