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Cai Ying

24 Jan Cai Ying

Everybody likes Japanese, Thai or anything related to asian cuisine so I think every decent food blogger should have at least one of these elements among their posts… sooo ,since my blog is pretty awesome!!! today I bring you a Cantonese Restaurant XD.

Cai Ying is one of the new places recently opened and decided to give it a try to let you guys know about it. The place is very clean; the decoration is very simple yet inviting with mainly black and red elements.

Cai Ying Cai Ying

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Chicharron Light !

9 Sep

Chicharron, my dear friends is a must when coming to my beautiful country; and the best place to have it  is at, Chicharron Light (No pun intended: D) at Jose Contreras close to Ave. Luperon. I´ve tried many but this has won a special place in my heart.

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