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Forno Bravo

14 Jul Forno Bravo

I love it when restaurants prove me wrong. This is a happy ending story of my most recent visit to Forno Bravo.

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Mrs.Potts Teaspot & Bakery

5 Jan Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery

I love that everyday new different places open to satisfy the modern needs. Mrs.Potts Teaspot &Bakery  is an example. I, as most dominicans ;I´m a proud coffee addict but was glad to see a place specialized on tea.The place is charming  and cozy and the staff is very willing to recommend tea and let you smell every blend if needed without getting annoyed. They also have snacks,sandwiches and desserts.There are many little details that make this place quite charming, everything from the tables to the walls.

Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery

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Loretta Café Bistro

4 Nov

Brunch, my favorite meal and Loretta was just the perfect place for it .I absolutely adored this place, everything was just perfect! The decoration was fully thought, it´s simple, but at the same time elegant and immediately takes you to a bistro on Champs Elysees .  I loved that there is a tree in the restaurant that blends in with everything.

loretta cafe bistro

Coffee never looked so good

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