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La Palapa at Paradisus Punta Cana Resort

21 Apr La Palapa

Oooh spring break! After a while of going to all inclusive resorts you kind of get tired of the monotony but this year we decided to go and give it a try at the Paradisus Punta Cana Resort... which Is actually not in Punta Cana, but Bávaro. About 30 mins. Away… Anyways I was pleasantly surprised with the quality service of all of their staff, Continue reading


Sully – Seafood Restaurant

12 Jan Restaurante Sully

Another birthday, another restaurant!!! This time, the birthday boy decided on a Seafood restaurant called Sully; oh! And what a great choice that was.

Living on an island has its advantages when it comes to food, especially seafood. Sully is a traditional restaurant and it´s unpretentious take allows to fully focus on the flavor of each ingredient. Personally, this is for the moment, the best seafood restaurant in the City.

Continue reading

Pura Tasca

26 Aug

Spanish food lovers get ready, Pura Tasca has a variety of delicious dishes for you. I adored this place, and brought me back to the time I lived in Barcelona(sniff sniff). The location is one of my favorites in Santo Domingo, at The Colonial City in Plaza España with a view to the Columbus Alcazar.

This time instead of ordering and entrée and appetizer, I went straight to the good stuff ,Tapas!
The complimentary toast with aioli and tomato sauce was very tasty and great way to start dinner  with. I loved the aioli, garlic for me just makes everything better and the tomato sauce was mild but great with the toast, as the traditional pa amb tomàquet (tomato and bread) Tapa served in Spain.
pa amb tomàquet

toast with tomato

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