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Dominican Potluck

23 Sep Dominican Food

It´s no myth that Latino families are loud,large and love to cook, my family is no exception… In my case I just love to eat.

It was my grandmother’s 90th birthday so I think that’s reason enough to celebrate! On occasions like these and special holidays like Christmas it´s traditional to get together and and eat a delicious meal prepared by my mom,aunts and uncle(yes just 1 of them cooks).Everyone has a signature dish so it´s pretty simple when it comes to figuring out who is bringing what.

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Conos Manía!

16 Sep

Conos Mania, What a great concept! food in a cone…in our case, the cone is made of green fried plantains or seaweed. I´ve seen these concept in another country like U.S.A but have only tried it here. For me, it was a surprise the first time I tasted it because I underestimated it.


Conos Manía

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