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Fritura!! Rincón de la Pierna

27 Feb fritura

It´s been a crazy couple of weeks with lots of work but I will reward you with some local goodies on this post. This will be a quick introduction to Dominican Fritura!!

I know that you´ve probably seen little trucks with hanging meat at some point (usually at night). Well I know it seems a bit barbaric, choking and probably not common.This is what Dominicans call Fritura or Pica longa. Every country has its own version but ours looks a bit like this.

fritura  fritura fritura

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Yokomo Sushi

12 Dec yokomo sushi

Dominicans always adapt no matter where they, we take things and give it a twist , Sushi is not the exception. Although we  do have outstanding sushi restaurants ,this one is a little different ;you can say it was thought for those who don’t like raw fish( or sushi itself).

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Conos Manía!

16 Sep

Conos Mania, What a great concept! food in a cone…in our case, the cone is made of green fried plantains or seaweed. I´ve seen these concept in another country like U.S.A but have only tried it here. For me, it was a surprise the first time I tasted it because I underestimated it.


Conos Manía

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