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La Palapa at Paradisus Punta Cana Resort

21 Apr La Palapa

Oooh spring break! After a while of going to all inclusive resorts you kind of get tired of the monotony but this year we decided to go and give it a try at the Paradisus Punta Cana Resort... which Is actually not in Punta Cana, but Bávaro. About 30 mins. Away… Anyways I was pleasantly surprised with the quality service of all of their staff, Continue reading


Julieta Brasserie

1 Feb Julieta Brasserie

It´s almost Sunday guys, guess what that means!? Brunch time (Hells yeahh!!)..Ok let´s be honest, everybody hates Sundays just because Mondays comes after, but we have to stay positive. I don´t know if it´s just me, but brunch tastes better en Sundays and even better if you choose Julieta Brasserie.

This is one of the many new places in town, but it that has managed to stand out among others. When you arrive is like the image that comes to mind when the words Sunday brunch are mentioned; There´s an outdoor terrace but they have a broad window so the people on the inside can appreciate it as well.

Julieta Brasserie  Julieta BrasserieJulieta BrasserieJulieta Brasserie

A few minutes after you are seated you get a welcome Mimosa you can pick from a traditional to peach flavored, now,  who would be upset by getting greeted with a drink?

Everything got better by the minute, especially after we got our dishes…drumroll please!

  1. Egg white omelette with bacon, shiitake and onions it comes with a side of toast and one of the best homemade strawberry jam I´ve had, tasted like heaven!!!!! The fact that I can custom make my order is always a huge plus. No ifs, ands or buts.

Julieta BrasserieJulieta Brasserie

  1. French Toast: it had great flavor but found it to be a little dry, maybe i´ll ask for a little more syrup. This time I just added some of the homemade strawberry jam and couldn’t have been better.

Julieta Brasserie

  1. Eggs Benedict: Really good flavor and good ration, but they were a little cold.
Julieta Brasserie

Need a bit more temperature

  1. Wrapped Eggs: Basically is baked eggs, bacon  and parmesan mouse.

Julieta Brasserie

A few sides were ordered to make the perfect breakfast.

  1. Mangu: By now you must have heard about this. It´s very traditional and it’s basically mashed boiled green plantains, it might sound weird but this is a must when you visit, you will love it I guarantee. It was very smooth with onions on top, just the way I like it.

Julieta Brasserie

  1. Bacon: no explanation needed….it´s bacon 🙂

Julieta Brasserie

  1. Side of fried Salami and fried cheese: This are the ideal sides for the Mangu, please keep in mind that the Salami is not the one you are used to making sandwiches with. My buddy Anthony Bourdain visited the DR, here’s a peek on his experience with Salami

Julieta Brasserie

Well last but not least, the Strawberry juice is very good. Fresh fruit, not over sweetened and let´s face it it´s a huge jar. Recommend it 100%

Julieta Brasserie

My overall experience was gratifying mostly because of the awesome food! But I have to say, the service needs a little work. Our waitress acted somewhat like a zombie, we had to make crazy signals to get her attention. eventually some other waiter hoped out  and got service flowing…. Other than that it was great.

The check was around RD$2,000 or US$45, if you split that is around US$12.00 per person which is pretty good for the quality and portions served.

Cai Ying

24 Jan Cai Ying

Everybody likes Japanese, Thai or anything related to asian cuisine so I think every decent food blogger should have at least one of these elements among their posts… sooo ,since my blog is pretty awesome!!! today I bring you a Cantonese Restaurant XD.

Cai Ying is one of the new places recently opened and decided to give it a try to let you guys know about it. The place is very clean; the decoration is very simple yet inviting with mainly black and red elements.

Cai Ying Cai Ying

Continue reading

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