Forno Bravo

14 Jul

I love it when restaurants prove me wrong. This is a happy ending story of my most recent visit to Forno Bravo.

My first visit wasn’t very pleasant; I had visited their new spot at Plaza Mezzaluna. At that time they had just opened and I guess the staff wasn’t ready or maybe just tired since it was packed, but this is where I experienced the crappiest most unprofessional service in a long time.

Since it was a group visit I didn’t have much say on the option since I was out voted, so I just went with it hoping for the best. Luckily since our arrival everyone was very attentive, still a little apprehensive about what would be the rest of our visit but by the time the food started coming out, I was all smiles 🙂

We were all starving so I think we picked what we thought would come out the quickest to prevent us from chewing someone’s arm we got:

Aranci Funghi e Mozzarella: these delicious risotto balls filled with pepperoni, mozzarella and Aurora Sauce are awesome! I just wish they would bring more, not enough to share.

Forno Bravo

Camembert Dip: For all you cheese lover this will hit the spot. Camembert cheese with pear, apple and dry apricot chutney with saffron and rosemary accompanied with toast. Very light and delicious, definitely recommend it.

Focaccia Cipola: This was not my favorite, I’m not the biggest focaccia fan but it was alright. They had me at goat cheese with truffle oil, it had onion as well but it didn’t really add any extra flavor.

Forno Bravo

Now, I did not eat this by myself but I did try all of them. This should give you a good idea of what to expect when coming no matter what you order .Enjoy !

Ravioli Funghi simply delicious, just the right size  serving. Excellent balance with all the ingredients.

Forno Bravo

Spaghetti al Pomodoro e Basilico: So traditional you cannot hate this. Fresh and pasta perfectly cooked.

Forno Bravo

Spaghetti Carbonara. This is the real carbonara, made with eggs and not cream as most do these days. If appreciate a well-made Carbonara, I suggest you get this.

Forno Bravo

Ossobuco and Risotto with saffron and parmesan: This was my dish and I was more than satisfied, everyone who tasted it was jealous afterwards. So fulfilling, the ossobucco was tender and full of flavor as was the risotto.

Forno Bravo

Peperoni and ham Pizza: For those who come for the brick oven baked pizza and like the traditional, these good but i was not blown away.

Forno Bravo

Ripe plantain Gnocchi with 4 cheeses: This was my least favorite just because the plantain had such a strong sweet flavor and that’s all I tasted, it’s like I was eating ripe plantain mangu.

Forno Bravo

Grilled salmon with honey, miso and Dijon sauce. The salmon is fresh and perfectly cooked. It’s a great option for those who don’t want to feel guilty by the end of the meal.

Forno Bravo  Forno Bravo

We were stuffed but were a bit curious to see if desserts were as good as the rest of the meal

Chocolate Toblerone Mousse, I’m a chocolate lover so have no complaints about this. Come on Toblerone… can’t go wrong here.

forno bravo

Chocolate Soufflé with Vanilla Ice Cream: This was delicious, but I have to say the soufflé could have been better, just didn’t seem like it was right out of the oven.

Chocolate Souffle

Mini Nutella Calzone: this was alright, but the dough was a little chewy, maybe a little bit more Nutella would’ve made it better.

Forno Bravo

Baked Coconut: this was definitely the best by far, I’m not a fan of everything with coconut but what i liked the most is the fact that is was not extra sweet. Just perfect to end a meal.

Baked Coonut & Ice Cream

Overall I think the place is great and the food is awesome, got a pretty nice terrace for those not to hot days. It will be kind on your pocket  and its suitable for friends and family .Check out their complete menu


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