Dominican Potluck

23 Sep

It´s no myth that Latino families are loud,large and love to cook, my family is no exception… In my case I just love to eat.

It was my grandmother’s 90th birthday so I think that’s reason enough to celebrate! On occasions like these and special holidays like Christmas it´s traditional to get together and and eat a delicious meal prepared by my mom,aunts and uncle(yes just 1 of them cooks).Everyone has a signature dish so it´s pretty simple when it comes to figuring out who is bringing what.

Although the menu varies there are a few dishes that remain standard:

  • Rice
  • Salad
  • Meat (pork,chicken and/or beef)

This menu was pretty much simple and traditional, after all the menu was though for my grandmas liking.

Dominican Food

First of all white rice of course, and right next to the rice is the locrio  very similar to paella but better because it´s not as smooshy. Also you can see our green leaf salad with raw cabbage.Red beans and red meat, avocado and Concón.

Dominican Food Dominican Food

The Concón  is as important as the rice itself, even though it´s the crust that´s created by the rice cooked in an cast iron , I hope you give it a chance and try it when you visit, you’ll be hooked.

Dominican Food

perfection 🙂

Now I know you see a peek of the banana in there, but don’t be mistaken, it´s not for dessert. It´s very common for Dominicans to eat rice, specially white rice with a banana. I know , I know sound odd but some reason it just works!trust me, rice will never be the same.

Dominican FoodDominican Food

Baked ripe plantains were also on the menu.It´s pretty delicious and easy to make since you just throw them in the oven with a little sugar for about 30 minutes.this creates a really sweet soft banana with a light caramel which .


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