Asia Mia

24 Aug

Asia has a delicious and diverse cuisine depending on which country you focus on, of course. I ended up in this restaurant by chance but  was pretty impressed. They basically offer dishes from Thailand, Korea and china. This is the place to go when everyone wants something different and can’t seem to agree on anything.

Asia Mia

Definitely loved the decoration with the hints of bambu.It´s a bit too noisy when sitting inside , but it manageable I guess.. I do not understand the menu situation. they have like 4 different menus to sell the same thing.. honestly this made me feel like I was studying for a test, hope they get it together , it confuses everyone.

Asia Mia

Asia Mia

Menu shuffle

For starters we had the Vietnamese spring rolls, which were one of my favorite. they were so delicate and a light and had a perfect balance with the sauce,great for these hot summer days in the DR(which is practically everyday all year round -_- ).

Asia Mia

We also went with the Beijing Dumplings sauteed and served with a special Asía Mía Sauce. These were also a great choice, probably my second favorite.

Asia Mia

Asia Mia

Chinese Egg Rolls are also a must, of course , also stuffed with veggies and shitake mushrooms served with the traditional sweet and sour sauce.

Asia Mia

The Steamed Shrimp Ha-Kao (also from china) were a great choice for those who would like to go on the healthier side, these are basically shrimp stuffed dumplings.

Asia Mia

Asia Mia

What I liked the most other than the flavor is that they all were less than RD$200 each,I thought it was great considering the quality of the food as well as the restaurant overall.

Know considering the amount of options it was tough picking out just one dish, but since Iknew I wanted Vietnamese the choice was a traditional dish, Shrimp Bun Cha. This is originally from Hanoi and consists of sautéed noodles served with vegetables and fresh herbs mixed with toasted peanut. I have to admit the first bite was not my favorite because i wasn’t expecting that subtle sweet and sour kick, but i have to admit i love it! it´s got just the amount of spiciness to take it to the next level but to let you enjoy your dish.

Asia Mia Asia Mia

The Pork Pad Thai was also  the other option with their famous Bangkok noodles seasoned with thai spices,peanuts and fresh herbs. This was a little on the sweeter side so it was not my favorite although it was very tasty, I just don’t think I would’ve been able to finish it.

Asia Mia

Over all i think i would definitely come back and try different dishes, they have great quality in their ingredients and love the decoration, although i would’ve liked better lighting. The service needs some work, even though everyone nice they are not very attentive to their tables so you would have to wave our hands at times just to get someones attention. Overall I would give it a 3.5 stars.


Check out my previous post on Cai Ying, another option for asian food.

Click here to check out Asia Mia´s Menu or their Facebook page


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