8 Jul

Travesías is a relatively new restaurant which is focused on local cuisine. I was interested in visiting, not only because it´s visually appealing but also because they play a bit with typical dishes & drinks; they also because most of their ingredients are local, and I’m all about supporting my country. Check out the Facebook Fanpage it´s got great pics.

The food was alright; it had its hits and misses for me although others on the table had nothing but compliments. I think I just made the first mistake by ordering a drink called ¨Beso de Samanà ¨ – Samanà Kiss, which is basically, White Rum with coriander, cream milk and bits of coconut. For me this was just too sweet and much milk but not enough coconut flavors in it… it did look appealing though.


Like always a couple appetizers to get a real feel of what is to come.
1. Fried sweet potatoe chips. I love this no matter if they are homemade or bought at the fritura by the beach. There is no way you can go wrong with these.

2. Yucca fried empanadas filled with cheese and non-spicy chili sauce. If you haven’t tried catibias, as they are most commonly known; it´s a must! we always have them for Christmas.

3. La Pinta, La Niña y La Santa María. Named after the ships used by Columbus to explore the new world. Filled with stewed goat, crab and conch. I liked the presentation and it was nice to have three flavors in one plate.

Travesias Travesias

From main dishes, the best one was the fried fish Boca Chica style. The fish was fresh and although fried it was very juicy.

Although these are appetizers, they were ordered as a main dish just because there wasn´t enough space to put more food. The Mini Chimis, named after the famous Dominican Chimichurri (but not the sauce!) filled with meat, grilled onions and coleslaw on water bread as we call it. This tasted great and it´s a good choice for those who don’t want to get to full but still have a taste of something traditional.

Another appetizer was ordered as a main dish was the Bachata Rosa or Pink Bachata for its literal translation. Names after one of Juan Luis Guerra greatest hits.

I did not like this at all although the presentation was beautiful. It tasted way too fishy. The dish consists of shrimp marinated in citric juice with Constaza rose perfume. I could not taste any o that which was a real shame because it looked delicious.


Over all I think the place was very beautiful but some of the dishes could need a little work. The prices are similar to most of fancy restaurants in the city which is around US$30 per person with tax included as well as an appetizer, main dish and at least 1 alcoholic beverage.

It´s got a centric location and they have live music at least once a week which is great to get out of the routine


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