Fabrizio´s Pizza

1 Jun

Everybody needs to know a great pizza place for those lazy days or get together with friends.

One of my favorite is, Fabrizio. Their Italian style pizza is not as doughy as others and honestly I can eat one by myself if I´m hungry enough and not feel as guilty when I’m finished. This has clearly become a favorite for locals and foreigners since a couple additional stores have opened.

Fabrizios Pizza Fabrizios Pizza Fabrizios Pizza

Their ingredients are fresh and you can see them make it right after you order it ; you can also custom make the pizza with your favorite  ingredients. The oven literally only takes about 10 minutes to fluff up you pizza and make that crunchy perfect crust.

To go along with our pizza we ordered focaccia, which is basically the dough and cheese with no sauce. They add tomato sauce on the side but I like them plain… or else just order a regular cheese pizza.

Fabrizios Pizza Fabrizios Pizza Fabrizios Pizza

I know this is not real Italian pizza, but it´s close enough though and the prices are fair, they go from RD$260 –RD$300 or so and they are one size, 8 pieces each. Take a look, looks good right!

Fabrizios Pizza Fabrizios Pizza

We ordered take out but they also deliver.

Our order also included The After as well as the Diavola. They were all delicious and enough for 4 really hungry people so it´s a great option if your on a budget.

20140413_200730 20140413_200805 20140413_200811

I need to go back and have a Calzone because it looked amazing!! They are pretty big and around RD$300 as well. I´ll let you know once I taste it


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