Pat´e Palo

3 May

This review should’ve been one of the first I had ever written, because Pat´e Palo is one of my favorite restaurants and I´m just so very sorry I kept you in the dark for so long. This place has a great setting since it´s located at the Spanish Plaza in the Colonial City.

Their service skill is not their forte; waiters are very friendly and try their best, but the holdup usually comes from the kitchen, although you will not regret the time waited.

This Spring break they had an all you can eat seafood fixed menu. They had 10 dishes and after that you could reorder whichever one you wanted as many times…but trust me 10 dishes are more than enough, don´t get fooled by the portions.

This was their menu

1. Classic Bouillabaisse Marseille. Prepared with fish and season seafood accompanied with a classic French aioli with toast. This was so perfect yet so simple and the Phylo dough toast was a delicate detailed which played perfectly with the Bouillabaisse. This had everyone scooping out the last bit.

Pate Palo Pate Palo

2. Asia & Crab. Spring rolls with 5 Asian spices accompanied with a slightly hot, sweet and sour sauce topped with chives. The dish was simple but got your senses in motion, it was hot enough to let you enjoy the rest of the ingredients but it also gave it a nice kick.

Pate Palo Pate Palo

3. Octopus Vinaigrette; classic Sherry Vinaigrette with aberquina oil. The octopus was perfectly cooked, no chewiness and the acidity played well with it. Perfection is the only word that comes to mind!

Pate Palo Pate Palo

4. Salmon Burrata. Wrapped in a thin smoked salmon slice on a pomodoro sauce, aromatized with lemon kaffir leaves. This has been the best burrata I´ve ever eaten, I think this was my number one for the night; it was well worth the wait!!!!

Pate Palo

5. Trout Bun Mediterranean style. Fermented and fried topped with fresh ricotta, dried tomatoes, smoked trout and capers aioli. I could´ve eaten the bun by itself, it was a little sweet which gave the dish a nice twist. The trout by itself was not my cup of tea but once you ate it with everything else, was quite nice.

rou bun

6. Cobb Gnocchi. Made with potatoes and creamy cobb  tomato sauce, italian panna and cognac. For me the sauce was amazing! And the gnocchi had a very sutil cobb flavor and totally enhanced by the creamy sauce.

cobb gnocchi

7. Perch (fish) alla Parigina. Grilled and gratinated with a shrimp béchamel with petit pois and crunchy polenta. Although my belly was about to blow from all the food, I couldn’t stop eating. The polenta was indeed a little crunchy and wasn´t overpowered by the fish, honestly I’ve never had Perch before but it was really good.

20140416_223233 perca alla parmigina

8. -Seafood Noodle– Jalapeños. Aromatized with slightly sweetened soy with organic Dominican honey. The noodles were chunky and perfectly cooked. The honey definitely made the dish but never loosing sutil Asian flavors.

Pate Palo

9- Shrimp Crepe Nantaise. Filled with creamy shrimp stew, dill and Dijon Mustard. This was the least favorite for everyone. The crepe itself was perfect but the shrimp were tasteless and over cooked. The sauce on the other hand had great flavor…It had potential.

Pate Palo

10. Tuna Burger. Grilled on charcoal with a classic tartar, fresh cucumber and fresh fries. I was so full but I had to take a couple of bites out of  this  fabulous burger .So simple yet classy! The tuna was juicy and the tartar was just the ideal sauce for it, the arugula also gave it a nice twist. I also loved the French fried because it tasted like garlic, I was pleasantly surprised.

pate palo  pate palo

This was such a satisfying dinner because of the quality and combination of the ingredients. I really hope they work on the service because it is one of the best restaurants in the city. This is a must! during your visit. I´m sure Pat´e Palo will be one of your favorite as well.

By the way! for all of you travelling to Santo Domingo ,there will be a new hostel opening soon in the Colonial City, it´s called Island Life Backpackers Hostel. This will be the perfect place for those of you traveling on a budget and who want to stay in a clean, safe place with the best location;You wont be able to find one like it. Check out their webpage and start planning! You can take a look at the owners´blog where the construction process is detailed, pretty neat ! 🙂


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