La Monteria

5 Apr

Seems like every week a new restaurant opens up, today is all about Spain, La Monteria ! tapas,tapas,tapas…music to my ear. Now, although the décor is not typical Spanish, the food is full of taste and traditional. The owner was our waitress which was great, since she recommended the best dishes and the attention was more than pleasant.

La Monteria 20140323_145627 La Monteria


croquet, Sangria and cured Ham are a must when in a Spanish restaurant, so no surprise there those were the first orders. The Jam was great in taste but was cut a bit too thick for my taste which made it quite hard to chew.


La Monteria

La Monteria

Too thick for me

La Monteria

The Croquettes on the other hand were 5 stars; we had Roquefort+ spinach + cured jam as well as a Cobb coquette. My favorite was the spinach one, it was creamy and all the ingredients were balanced perfectly and all has a chance to shine in your palate.

La Monteria 20140323_152453 20140323_152449 La Monteria

For the appetizers, we also asked the owner for signature dishes, to get a real sense of what the restaurant was all about. These were the final choices.

  •          Rabo Encendio: It literally translates to  ¨tail on fire¨, it´s basically beef tail which cooks slowly and as a results you get this delicious thick stew with really soft meat. This is not for everyone but I hope you choose to get out of your comfort zone and try it. Remember eating is an adventure, it´s not fun if you eat the same thing all the time. By the following picture you´ll see how wonderful it really was.

La Monteria La Monteria La Monteria

  •          Grilled shrimp with garlic: I was in love! The perfect amount of garlic and the shrimp perfectly cooked.  The portion was more than enough for one person

La Monteria La Monteria

  •  Penne with garlic Shrimp: I love pasta,shrimp and garlic  so there was no way you could go wrong with this dish. Loved it and totally recommend it. It´s a bit spicy but just the right amount.

La Monteria

  • Pork chops with vegetables: This was recommended for someone on a diet, the vegetables although not to best looking were pretty tasty. The pork chop could´ve used a bit more seasoning but nothing a bit of salt and pepper couldn´t fix.

La Monteria

After all this food I was so full but had to take a bite of this caramel flan with chocolate syrup. Looks as good as it tastes

La Monteria


We were all so full we needed a little help digesting all this food. We got a complimentary shot of a herb liquor which helped a lot actually. The restaurant has a great location and the service is excellent, I honestly thought it was a bit pricey around US$30.00 per person with tax included. I guess it´s good if you wanna give yourself a treat.

La Monteria




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