La Rosticería

15 Mar

I know eating out is something we all enjoy, but once in a while a home cooked meal is what you really want…except without the cooking part ( at least for me jeje). For those cases is great to have a trick under your sleeve; and more importartantly when you have gusts coming over.

I´ve heard people raving about La Rosticeria (The Rotisserie) so we decided to cheat a little on a home cooked meal by adding one of their famous Rosemary Rotisserie Chicken. We made the ordered take out. The place is very small cozy,the decoration has nothing special but I loved the brick walls. I think it´s a great place for a small family gathering.

La Rosticeria La Rosticeria La Rosticeria

La Rosticeria

a little too crowded for me

They do sell more than just chicken, and it´s on my list to come back and taste some of them for you guys but I have a feeling it´s gonna be great. I wans´t expecting much on the chicken but the rosemary really gives it a pleasant kick and i just loved the color and texture of the chicken itself. It´s very juicy and has a crispy beautiful golden color.

Avocado is our bacon ^^. It´s always a good time for avocado

Avocado is our bacon ^^. It´s always a good time for avocado

La Rosticeria La Rosticeria

To go with this delicious chicken we had salad, white rice and guadules con coco(pigeon peas with coconut) ! this is a variation of the dominican flag. I´m sure you serve something like this to you guests and they´ll be more than delighted :).

La Rosticeria


love this stuff!


awesome home-made meal 😀

La Rosticeria

I think this places it great when you want a home cooked meal, cooked by someone else outside your house :p The prices are great: 1 whole chicken is RD$400, 1/2 chicken RD$200 and 1/4 chicken is RD$120, not bad! check out their menu here.


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