Fritura!! Rincón de la Pierna

27 Feb

It´s been a crazy couple of weeks with lots of work but I will reward you with some local goodies on this post. This will be a quick introduction to Dominican Fritura!!

I know that you´ve probably seen little trucks with hanging meat at some point (usually at night). Well I know it seems a bit barbaric, choking and probably not common.This is what Dominicans call Fritura or Pica longa. Every country has its own version but ours looks a bit like this.

fritura  fritura fritura


These places are the ones that usually open from 7pm till 9am, when nothing else is open after a long night of partying. You´ll find anything from cheeseburguers and Bofe to mofongo! In case you are wondering, Bofe is sun-dried cow lungs. I know it sound a bit…. Unconventional, but I hope you feel adventurous enough to get the courage to try it. Honestly it is not my favorite but I´ll eat some once in a while. It is usually accompanied by fritos (fried green plantains) but sometimes you can get yucca or some other tuber with it. I strongly recommend to pour some Viagra on it, which is secret vinaigrette to enhance the flavors, each fritura has their own secret ingredients so the taste will vary.

fritura fritura  fritura


If you are not into the lung eating experience, they also sell chicken and beef or you can move to the cart just a few steps away, where other kind of street food can be found. For example, the Chimichurri and most commonly called Chimi by Dominicans (and no, it’s not the sauce we talk about). It´s basically grilled toasted water bread with cabbage, onions, and tomatoes and of course meat; which is mixed with Chorizo. This is one of my favorite local street food and you can get them anywhere along the island. It´s typical for it to be served in a plastic bag and it’s practically a tradition to eat anything left on the bag 🙂

picalonga seasoning he onions

yumm! almost ready  fritura  fritura

a bitt sloppy yet so good!!

They also make Mofongo, which was surprisingly good. It´s smooth with no lumps whatsoever, with lots of garlic, just how I like it.  These guys here are very nice so you´ll feel free to customize your order. They also have delivery! Talk about convenient.


little avocado never goes wrong

Here is a picture of their menu…so you can see, they have about everything you can crave. These guys are at the Ave. Nuñez de Caceres . Their phone number is (849)205-7777 .


The Pork Leg corner

Hope you give this local experience a try!


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