Cai Ying

24 Jan

Everybody likes Japanese, Thai or anything related to asian cuisine so I think every decent food blogger should have at least one of these elements among their posts… sooo ,since my blog is pretty awesome!!! today I bring you a Cantonese Restaurant XD.

Cai Ying is one of the new places recently opened and decided to give it a try to let you guys know about it. The place is very clean; the decoration is very simple yet inviting with mainly black and red elements.

Cai Ying Cai Ying

Honestly, everything seemed great on the menu, but we decided to ask for some recommendations to our waiter and here is what we came up with: Steamed Shrimp Wonton and Steamed Pork Wonton, these were both awesome but my favorite were the shrimp ones. They were accompanied by the 3 sauces: sesame, typical egg roll dip and soy sauce. I have to say the dough is very slippery but is the perfect balance where you can appreciate every component.

Cai Ying

Cai Ying

Love the presentation!

We also got Steamed Pork Sumay, which dough is similar to the Wonton but it has a bit more consistency so it´s able to hold the filling without spilling.I hope you can order these when you visit because it will blow your mind, besides they are only RD$135 (no tax included).

Pork Sumay

After Getting our belly started with those fellas we went straight to the big guns, the main course.

Cantonese Pork Ribs, called my attention so went with this one. The presentation made my mouth water. The sauce is sweet and sour with so much flavor and the meat just came right off. This is the type of dish you order after you see the table next to you get it.

Cai Ying Cai Ying

Cai Ying

Love it ! and just the right amount for a side dish

Mixed Chow Mein, This is also a traditional chinese dish but for me this time was not my favorite, not because there was something wrong with it, I just thought the others were so full of flavor this was just a step behind. On the other hand the vegetables look great and were really fresh.

Cai Ying

love the freshness but lacked in flavor.

I know it seems like a lot of food for two people :p but we went just right ahead and ordered dessert 🙂 Coconut Flan, It just the right consistency and you could really taste and feel the coconut bits. I´m a sucker for coconut and sweets.

Cai Ying Close up on the flan

I really liked my experience as a whole here and was happy to know they are very consistent, and proved it when I ordered in and everything was just delicious; besides the prices are very good so you won’t hurt your wallet as much. all of these from RD$1300 or US$30 or so. Not bad right!?

If you´d like a review on a specific place, just comment and I´ll make sure I´ll post about it as soon as possible 🙂


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