Mrs.Potts Teaspot & Bakery

5 Jan

I love that everyday new different places open to satisfy the modern needs. Mrs.Potts Teaspot &Bakery  is an example. I, as most dominicans ;I´m a proud coffee addict but was glad to see a place specialized on tea.The place is charming  and cozy and the staff is very willing to recommend tea and let you smell every blend if needed without getting annoyed. They also have snacks,sandwiches and desserts.There are many little details that make this place quite charming, everything from the tables to the walls.

Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery


Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery


Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery

Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery

height is not very comfortable but is pretty to look at

Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery

After much deliberation everyone got their order ready, Check out what  you´ll be able to find when you visit.

For the beverages the order was:

Berry Iced Tea served in a mason jar , the berry flavor was very sutil but so refreshing, excellent for hot temperatures.

Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery


Lemon and ginger blend served hot. Look how adorable the teapot set is. The ginger pops out  more than lemon flavor but is perfectly balanced for those who love citric flavors and ginger.Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery

Chai oolong  was very interesting with a touch of cinnamon, ginger  and cloves. This was not my cup of tea, I´m more into fruity or smoother  flavors like chamomile.

Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery

beautiful teas et

Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery

These were just 3 from the tea selection on stand, but there ir something for everyone.

For Snacks we got Sandwiches which are very flexible when it comes to what you´d like on it, you can choose the ingredients. As well as the type of bread; we all choose Baguette.

  1. pastrami, gouda,pesto and lettuce : Nothing can go wrong when you mix gouda and pastrami. Honestly all the sandwiches were 5 stars.                                                                 Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery
  2. gouda, tapenade, lettuce, pastrami: I went crazy over the tapenade (basically an olive  mash spread) but it was delicious, it was the perfect sandwich and for some reason made me want to go on a picnic.

Mrs.Potts teaspot and -

  1. chorizo, gouda and lettuce : simple but tasty, you could really taste the chorizo.

Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery

So since we were having tea, desserts are a must!

peanut butter and brownie Cheesecake with was the first choice, as delicious as it sounds for me it wasn´t the best although everyone else loved it. I´m not the peanut butter type of person but I have to admit it was alright.

Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery

Nutella Pie.Nothing else needs to be said, Nutella makes everything taste delicious, it was my favorite out of the 4. It has just the amount of Nutella and crackers.

Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery

Date Roll with nuts and strawberries…This was interesting, but one bite was enough. I´t was a little dry and just felt like something was missing.

Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery Mrs.Potts teaspot and bakery

The chocolate souffle with cream was basically a chocolate muffin with the cream on he side that tasted like egg nog. They could work on the presentation to make it more appealing, it was good but nothing special.

20131226_201506 20131226_201510

The service as previously mentioned was great, everybody is very service oriented although our waitress needs to speak up, I felt like I was stuck on one of Seinfeld episodes with the Low Talker.

for all of this the bill was around US$46.00 tax included, which is alright. It´s great for girls to catch up or just relax and try something different; hope you decide to give it a try !


4 Responses to “Mrs.Potts Teaspot & Bakery”

  1. Eli P. January 6, 2014 at 9:20 am #

    We need more places like this in the DR 🙂

  2. deliciouslynell January 13, 2014 at 7:26 pm #

    I wish we had more places like this around where I live. It looks gorgeous!

    • InsatiableDR January 13, 2014 at 8:02 pm #

      Makes you feel more like a lady just by walking inside

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