Loretta Café Bistro

4 Nov

Brunch, my favorite meal and Loretta was just the perfect place for it .I absolutely adored this place, everything was just perfect! The decoration was fully thought, it´s simple, but at the same time elegant and immediately takes you to a bistro on Champs Elysees .  I loved that there is a tree in the restaurant that blends in with everything.

loretta cafe bistro

Coffee never looked so good

loretta cafe bistro

Oh la la!

loretta cafe bistro

Beautiful! and just love the tree on the inside 😉

I had heard that the Eggs Benedict were very good so decided to go with the Grilled Portobello Benedict as a recommendation from the waiter. It was so delicious and beautifully presented although very simple. They might have needed a little more seasoning but not honestly it was delicious, I´m glad I chose it, I was very satisfied. Bacon as you know my friends goes well with everything!!! So a side of bacon and fried cheese was a MUST! So it was no surprise that just took this dish to another level 😉

loretta cafe bistro

simple yet  delicious

loretta cafe bistro

Additional sides, fried cheese and bacon ❤

I accompanied my meal with fresh melon juice (but had many more fresh fruit to choose from);  I was very pleased that it had no lumps and did not overpower the eggs flavor. Very refreshing.

loretta cafe bistro

Refreshing melon juice

WARNING: The following images can be case-sensitive to those emotionally attached to chocolate O.O Brace yourself!

loretta cafe bistro

Perfection on a plate

loretta cafe bistro

Trust me it tastes better that how it looks!!

A picture is worth a thousand words but this does no justice to what flavor can say for this orgasmic Nutella Fondant. If this is not the best, is one of the best fondant I´ve ever tasted. The chocolate is not too sweet so it´s an even more powerful flavor explosion once you eat it with ice cream, but it´s just heavenly when you eat it by itself.

When I had the first bite, a huge smile just popped out of nowhere and made my inner child ecstatic. Please order this when you come in, I promise you will not regret it.

The service was superb, we received great recommendations and our waiter was very pleasant but respectful .I loved the christmas music as well. Loretta without a doubt made it to my favorite list and will be coming back to try all the goodies on their menu.

One person might spend around RD$1,000 which I think is pretty good given the quality and ambiance 🙂 (give or take US$20])

After my experience, it´s no surprise why they are among the Best of DR this year


2 Responses to “Loretta Café Bistro”

  1. Omar Gomez November 28, 2013 at 1:27 am #

    Please come back any time soon!

    • InsatiableDR November 28, 2013 at 9:20 am #

      I will! This is my new favorite restaurant in the city, keep up the good work and congratulate your staff; they do an awesome job 🙂

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