Borbone de Napoli

26 Oct

A restaurant conveniently in the city center, Borbone  de Napoli, an unpretentious establishment with great customer service specialized on Italian Food.

For this family gathering, we sat on the outdoor area, right next to the oven where pizzas are made. I thought the oven was great and the fact that you can see your pizza being made might be an added value to the restaurant …but I never really smelled the pizza. I mean, I think that part of the charm is the smell of fresh-baked pizza (…or is it just me?).

Before I start with the goodies, I have to say I was a little disgusted annoyed by the fact there was a stray cat constantly coming in the restaurant and rubbing on the customers legs (no, I´m not a cat person). I hope they can sort this out, not everybody likes animals in restaurants, makes you wonder on the cleanliness.

Borbone de Napoli


Now let´s get this started!

Beef Carpaccio: I loved it; it was my favorite of the night. It was thinly slices with a drizzle of olive oil, capers and arugula. Go ahead and order it when you visit !

Beef Carpaccio

This was the winner for the night

Focaccia and Margarita: These are pretty big so it´s good for sharing specially if you want to try different ones. I liked the Margarita the most because of the basil; it gave it a great touch.

Borbone de Napoli Focaccia

a little overcooked but good

Borbone di Napoli

Plate of cheese and Italian charcuterie: This was pretty good as well, have you ever seen anyone unhappy eating cheese (that’s what I thought :p )

Borbone di Napoli

For appetizers I shared a ¨Parrillada for two¨, which s basically different cuts of meat. This one had, Skirt, Italian sausage, chicken and beef accompanied by frito verde (fried green plantains). This was a disappointment, the chicken was insipid and cold, the beef was tough and chewy. The only things I liked were the skirt (which had two small pieces -_-) and the Italian sausage.

needs to work on presentation and quality

needs to work on presentation and quality

Another pizza was ordered; 1/2 arugula and prosciutto and 1/2 4 cheese. My favorite side was the 4 cheese; the goat cheese gave it great flavor, but thought it would have used a bit more cheese. The prosciutto didn´t really cause an impression on me, I think they could´ve been a little more generous with it…after all it is a prosciutto pizza. I expected more out of the pizzas, they were ok but I thought it would WOW me.

pizza Borbone de Napoli

Over all the restaurant was not bad but it makes it forgettable. The food is average and nothing about it makes it stand out from all the other Italian restaurants in the city. Although I have to acknowledge the service is great, all the waiters were kind and happy to answer any questions about the menu.

The prices are reasonable, two people can eat for around RD$800 with a drink included (US$ 18)

Although they have diffrent names on the internet it can be found as Restaurante Caffe borbone or Restaurante Borbone di Napoli on search engines. I think they should choose a name to avoid confusion with customers.


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