Barra Payan

17 Oct
Barra Payan

Just a closer look to get you exited 🙂

It´s almost common law, that in every city or town there must be THE place to get the best sandwiches; Barra Payan is that place in Santo Domingo. This humble little restaurant has been in the market for over 50 years 😮 Needless to say these sandwiches are awesome to survive 50 years.

What I love about this place is the quality; the bread is always fresh (water bread of course) and perfectly toasted with melted real cheddar cheese not the plastic kind like Kraft. The place itself is very simple, they are focused on making great sandwiches and put decoration to the side, so it´s nothing fancy. They have one long bar and stools, which are never enough because the place is always full.

Sandwich Prices go from US$3.00 – US$5.00,as well fresh natural juice, you can pick from any seasonal fruits. If you add Carnation (milk) it has an extra cost but just a couple extra pesos. My favorite sandwich is the grilled cheese although the Completo has its fair share of fans as well. The Completo has cheese,pork or chicken and ham.

Barra Payan

Natural passion fruit juice just blended

Barra Payan


Barra Payan

My fav!

Barra Payan

Just a closer look to get you exited 🙂

BArra Payan

Outside view

Hope you can squeeze a visit to this place, you get to hang around locals and eat great sandwiches and tropical juices and shakes for very low prices.


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