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Borbone de Napoli

26 Oct Borbone di Napoli

A restaurant conveniently in the city center, Borbone  de Napoli, an unpretentious establishment with great customer service specialized on Italian Food.

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Barra Payan

17 Oct
Barra Payan

Just a closer look to get you exited 🙂

It´s almost common law, that in every city or town there must be THE place to get the best sandwiches; Barra Payan is that place in Santo Domingo. This humble little restaurant has been in the market for over 50 years 😮 Needless to say these sandwiches are awesome to survive 50 years.

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Sonoma Bistro

8 Oct

Sonoma, a name I´ve heard repeatedly throughout these past weeks, so when I knew I would stop by I was a little exited.

The place is in Piantini (this is a clue on the price range) close Ave.Churchill. The decoration i s very classy and very relaxing for some reason, or maybe I was just tiered :p . For me this place is more like to have a business meeting or if you want a quiet dinner.

I think the food is a little overrated , although I had one favorite that got the golden star.

Pulpo en Salsa de Olivo: This is the real star of the night. Wow! this as the only dish I thought was just out of this planet :O .  Octopus in olive sauce, first of all I had never eaten octopus cooked so soft and full of flavor. The olive sauce was subtle yet it took over you mouth (in a god way), it was just perfect. When you give your first bite I know you´ll think of me and will love me for a second

Sonoma Bistro

I have to come back and try this again

Fantasía de Berengena: The Eggplant Fantasy as they call it was a light, simple but very tasty dish. The eggplant was cooked three different ways: a la parmigiana, in a roll filled with goat cheese and as a bruschetta. You will not get full with this , but it´s great to share.

sonoma bistro

Penne Festival: I was not amazed with this at all! The sauce was very artificial and salty, like something out of an instant package. I think they could´ve done better for RD$400 ( 9 or 10 US$). This Penne Festival was supposed to have mushrooms, chicken and parmegiano….honestly there are other dishes you could try, this is something you can make at home.

Sonoma Bistro

tasted like something out of a package

Voted as Best of DR as well as other restaurants I´ve reviewed, just look under the tag BestOfDR.

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