La Briciola

30 Sep

As a family tradition we go out to dinner to celebrate birthdays, it has become somewhat of a challenge at times. This year the choice was easy. There would be two celebrations in one, so a place twice as good was chosen: La Briciola 

La Briciola has won the award Best of DR for a couple of years in a row, including 2013. I have to say it; yes, it is expensive so I would only consider it in very special occasion(very being the keyword here).It´s Located at the Colonial City of Santo Domingo. The infrastructure itself makes a beautiful decoration  along with some painting and sculptures from Botero ( a famous colombian artist known for his overweight colorful characters) and twinkle lights.

From the get go everyone was very attentive and polite. The night started of with a bottle of red wine,  Casillero Del Diablo  as a recommendation from the waiter. I´m more of  white wine or sparkling kind of girl, but I have to admit I really liked this one!

La briciola Casillero del Diablo

Dinner would NOT have been the same without this bottle 🙂

After the wine, Beef Croquettes and a basket of bread and bread sticks with rosemary flavored butter on the house arrived. The croquettes were too dry and salty for my taste but the butter was light and full of flavor!

LA Briciola

Our little welcome basket

The appetizers consisted of :

Involtini Porpora: Eggplant rolls filled with ricotta,parmesan and mozzarella. I think this dish in particular you either hate or love. I loved it because the flavors were very subtle but half of the table hated it because of that same reason, nevertheless I do recommend it.

La Briciola

Egg plant roll

I Nostri Salumi:Prosciutto di Parma, Salame Milano, Pancetta,Coppa & Speck . This was everyone’s second favorite! if you are into cured meat, this is the plate for you. Absolutely wonderful.

La Briciola

Cured perfection right here

Pera, Zola &Mare: This was a total surprise, no one was exited by it…until they tasted t. WOW, perfect harmony between pears, lobster and gorgonzola sauce. Bellisimo! my compliments to the chef.

La Briciola


After the wonderful appetizers we carried on with another bottle of wine. The Dishes were all very generous, except for the ravioli.. you see what i mean on the pictures below.

Spaghettini Granchione:  I was a little disappointed by this. The dish consisted on spider-crab, fresh baby tomatoes and basil. The presentation was beautiful, it´s served on the crabs shell which makes it exotic and very appealing, the pasta was perfectly cooked – al dente, the problem is that is was lacking flavor. It has great potential, but it’s just not there yet.

La Briciola

needs some work, but presentation is amazing

Il Churrasco: my mouth watered a little thinking about this one. It´s very simple but done to perfection. ordering this is just a MUST!

La Briciola

One of my fav. cuts and one of the best i´ve had

Risotto Bistrone: NO! it is not guacamole, it´s Risotto with Arugula and shrimp but et me tell you I never thought arugula could taste so good! geez, this is just perfection on a plate.

Risotto Bistrone

Hope you order this!!!!

Pasta Pescatore: Spaghettini with Calamari ,shrimp,Pulpo ,clams & mussels. This was also ridiculously good. It did not taste fishy as I was expecting it to be everything played well together and once again, the pasta was cooked to perfection.

Pasta Pescatore

wow!! mindblowing

Ravioli St.Tropez: Langosta and avocado ravioli ….oooh where to start…. Besides it being a small serving, the flavor was not acceptable after tasting all the wonderful dishes on the table. The pasta seemed a little under cooked and did not taste the lobster AT ALL!. For me it just was not worth the money.

Ravioli Pescatore

…shouldn´t be on the menu 😦

Ambiance for me compliments the food…and this made an impression on me. Live piano

La Briciola

La Briciola

Love candles !!

La Briciola

beautiful!! street view from the inside (not noisy at all)

La Briciola

cheers 😉

..So after all this I feel like I have to give you a warning on the prince range. Just so you get an idea for 5 people ,the check was around RD$13,000 about US$300. That means that is about US$60.00 per person…it is expensive but worth it if you have any special occasion.


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