24 Sep

After my first experience at Tapiti. I was avid about not going back. I had gone a weeknight after 8pm. Which seemed like it was club time and the waiters had no interest in serving ….. to make the story short, I`m actually glad I came back after a very insisting brother .

I have to say that the decoration could use a little more loving, but what really matters is the food (let´s face it hehehe) and considering it turns into a club at night, decoration is not their main concern.

The service was very hasty which I appreciated because I was famished!. To star, I ordered a Sangria, which turned out to be too strong (maybe it’s the same bartender as night shift).

sangria tapati

you will definetly feel the buzz if you finish it

FYI – It´s tapas so don´t expect the huge dishes that will make you roll out of the restaurant once you’re done. This is great for sharing, but don´t worry you WILL get full by the time you are done, just order a couple of dishes.

Drumroll please!!!!….


Black pizza: I was curious about what this so it was a must!  a little too salty but had great flavor regardless; made with shrimp, calamari and fresh tomatoes. Also the fresh basil gave it the perfect touch.

black pizza

Pulpito al horno de leña: made with chistorra (fast cured sausage) and habitas (type of white bean). I love this!! If you´ve read some of my post you can see a pattern, I love pulpo !!! As I´ve said before, is an art! And at Tapati the chef is the artist. It was soft full of flavor and would not change a thing about this dish.

Pulpito al Horno de Leña

New York baby back ribs: Who does not love these babies! Made with chipotle orange glaze and creamy spinach. I love ribs so I must say it was one of my favorites.

NY Baby Back Ribs

finger licking good

Huevos Estrellados: WoW! I did not expect this to be so AWESOME! everything about it was just perfect. The potatoes,fried eggs, cured ham ..the ioli 😮 I would take a trip to Tapati only for this. If you love spanish food this is a must for you than.

Huevos Estrellados

Croqueta de maduros: ..sigh…I was very disappointed with this, tasted like a frito maduro(fried ripe plantain)  made into a thick oval. I did not get a taste of the cheese and the spicy mayo left me coughing, just over powered the dish.

Croqueta de Maduro


Albondiga marroqui de ternera: Veal meatball…this was very peculiar I think you either love it or hate it. It´s a no-no for me. It tasted like a person ( no i have not eaten a person, just go with it). Maybe it had too much tumeric, but my brother love it on the other hand.

Albondiga Marroqui de Ternera

Fondant de chocolate: oh wow, chocolate fondue, This was just delicious. it was right out of the over, the chocolate was soft and could not have asked for a more happy ending. I had to take two pictures just to make sure you mouth waters ^^ .

Chocolate fondue

Chocolate Fondue

if your mouth is not made into a river right now…you are not human

The prices go around RD$200-RD$385 per dish (US$4.00-US$8.00) which I think is pretty good considering it generous serving for tapas.


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