Sca Beach Club Restaurant

3 Sep

Looking for a restaurant to go to on the beachfront, I stumbled upon Sca Beach Club Restaurant. It’s in Guayacanes (Between Playa Caribe and Juan Dolio).

I have to admit I wasn´t expecting it to be so pretty! The entrance looks like a very nicely decorated family beach house; when you walk in you can see the pool and the palm trees and the beach further on. You just get a feeling it’s going to be a good day.

We came in without a reservation and even though the place wasn’t full, the hostess seemed annoyed; nevertheless we got a pretty good table between the beach and the pool with a beautiful ocean view.

Sca Beach Club Pool

Pool 🙂

Sca Beach Club pool side

pool side

Pool Bar

Pool Bar

We were all starving so went straight for the food. Ordering Tarticos de Plátano y Cangrejo and Chicken Fingers with Andalucía Sauce as appetizers. The crabmeat was very good and just goes well with fried green plantains (Plantains are very common in Dominican dishes).

Tarticos de Plátano y Cangrejo

fried green plantains and crab meat

Chicken Finguers and Tarticos de Platano y Cangrejo

chicken fingers and plantains with crab meat

We decided to order Sangria since it looked very appealing from another table. It was all right; it was so-so. It was a little too sweet for me and I think it´s because the pineapple pieces were not fresh but from a can. It just gave it a very synthetic flavor.


Sangria with pineapple bits

For the main course we ordered two Pescado Doña Ana to share (for 5 people). It´s a two pound fried fish (more or less) with green fried plantains, fried yams and yanikeke (also very traditional, its like a funnel cake but salty).

Pescado Doña Ana

Fried fish, Yanikeke, fried green platains and fried yams.

The Yanikeke dough was too thick which made it a little soggy and not crunchy, as it should be. Honestly for the best Yanikeke ever I suggest Boca Chica. The beach is my least favorite but the Yanikeke is just the best (just make sure they fry it front of you). I promise to make an entry on that later on.

I loved the location of the restaurant, right on the beach with a pool as well. Local vendors pass by every now and then selling traditional food . I´ve posted these pictures on Instagram (@instagram_dr)



Dulce de Coco

Shredded coconut covered with caramel

The service was all right, our waiter was always nice and polite but the food took too long to come out. The appetizers came right on time but the main dishes took at least 1 hour!!

The place and restaurant itself was good but they need to work on their customer service. We wanted to move to a bed on the beach after we were finished eating but were denied because they said it was ¨reserved¨. For about the 3 hours we were there no one occupied this chair. At the end they gave it to another group of people who were there (arrived after we did and had not reserved it either). It might seem silly but that for me was just a lack of respect.


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