Pura Tasca

26 Aug

Spanish food lovers get ready, Pura Tasca has a variety of delicious dishes for you. I adored this place, and brought me back to the time I lived in Barcelona(sniff sniff). The location is one of my favorites in Santo Domingo, at The Colonial City in Plaza España with a view to the Columbus Alcazar.

This time instead of ordering and entrée and appetizer, I went straight to the good stuff ,Tapas!
The complimentary toast with aioli and tomato sauce was very tasty and great way to start dinner  with. I loved the aioli, garlic for me just makes everything better and the tomato sauce was mild but great with the toast, as the traditional pa amb tomàquet (tomato and bread) Tapa served in Spain.
pa amb tomàquet

toast with tomato

Dish #1:  Rollito Manchego (Manchego Rolls)- made with eggplant, cured ham, fresh tomato sauce and Manchego cheese.  I liked this dish, but thought that the tomato sauce overpowered the rest of the ingredients, when the cheese (I think) was suppose to be the main character. Even though, it was very good but would’ve rather have it with the tomatoes sauce that came with the toast.
Manchego Rolls

4 rolls, perfect for sharing

Dish #2: Chorizito Español (Spanish Chorizo) – Chorizo with a touch of rosemary and bread on the side. This was one of my favorite because of the RosemaryI recommend this, it get´s five starts from me.
Spanish Chorizo

one of my favorites !

Dish #3: Camaroncito Crujiente (crispy shrimp) – I liked the presentation but only wished it brought a little more!! If you get this, try it with the aioli smeared on the glass because it will compliment them perfectly.
Crispy Shrimp

Crispy Shrimp

Dish #4: Huevos a la Flamenca ( Flamenca style eggs) – This was my one of my least favorite, seemed very similar to huevos cabreados but not quite. The potatoes were fried a while ago before serving so they were just a little soggy and the sauce did not stick well. The sauce, again takes over the whole dish. It`s a no no for me.
Huevos a la flamenca
Dish #5: Mamá Tingo – Goat based tapa. This was just fabulous! it hit the spot.I recommend this 100%, it´s was recommended by the waitress.
Mamá Tingó

Tender, juicy goat on the inside

Dish #6: Ceviche Pura Tasca. For me Ceviche is an art which not everyone masters. I thought it lacked (plenty) lemon  juice and parsley, it was bland and room temperature. Very nice presentation with the fried platains, but lacked flavor.

Lovely presentation but lacking flavor

Dish #7: Tosta de Cerdo Ibérico a la plancha ( Iberian Pig grilled toast): Yuummm!! is the word that came to my head when I had a bite. Everything just goes well together.
Iberian Pig Grilled Toast

Enough for 2, but just right for 1 😀

Sua was on the house, and very nice sparkling drink made from mashed strawberries in Argentina.

From Argentina 🙂

I was very pleased with the service. The waitress recommended great dishes and was very polite. Prices are customer friendly.The only thing you´ll have to worry about is  enjoying the view and the food. Pura Tasca IS the hip new place for tapas. Enjoy !
Colombus Alcazar

Colombus Alcazar at Plaza España


2 Responses to “Pura Tasca”

  1. sociedadgourmet September 4, 2013 at 6:41 pm #

    i have this place in my witing list….

    • InsatiableDR September 4, 2013 at 7:30 pm #

      Go for it, I’m sure you”ll enjoy it and prices are customer friendly 🙂

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