La Scarpetta

16 Aug

I stopped by La Scarpetta for a business meeting but I fell in love with this little Italian place instantly ❤ ! Literally love at first sight. The decoration is beautiful, filled with little christmas lights on the roof and lots of detailed and very unique decoration. Even though I was there for a meeting it could work well for a date or somewhere you could meet up with friends to catch up 🙂

La Scarpetta
Twinkle Twinkle. Love it!!

The food was very fulfilling and great prices for such large portions. I ordered the Tagliatelle Gorgonzola e Porcini and not only did it smelled good, it tasted heavenly. The presentation was simple but very appealing. I had a tough time finishing all because it was a generous portion but couldn’t stop myself from eating, so I ended up like stuffed turkey (hahahahaha :p ) .

Tagliatelle Gorgonzola e Porcini
rich flavors and very fulfilling

The service is excellent. The waiters are genuinely nice and service oriented so it makes it even more cozy.

The place is centric, right on Lincoln Ave. on the corner of Lope de Vega. There’s parking available (yeii!)

Anyways I totally recommend it if you like Italian since the chef is Italian as well as the Owner ( who was the one who took our order). He can help you choose a dish if your undecided. I promise, that once you step in, you will feel like you got  transported to a movie scene.

I will be coming back definitely! hope you give it a try and stop by as well( you can thank me later :p).


One Response to “La Scarpetta”

  1. Eli P. August 16, 2013 at 6:52 pm #

    Sounds amazing! Great review!

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