Sca Trattoria

8 Aug

That´s right!! Sca Trattoria finally opened! Honestly I had seen a couple of pictures before it´s opening and just had to come and check it out for myself. I absolutely looooved the decoration. It´s very hip and a little New York-ish. The place is small but it just makes it more homey 🙂

Now down to business,first, the appetizers; we ordered:

Supli al Telefono: These were rice, mushrooms, cheese and tomato sauce croquettes. I was so pleased in how rich in flavor and just perfectly fried they were. We ended up ordering it twice. I really recommend this, it only brings two medium size croquettes, so one person can eat it with no hassle.

Suoki al Telefono

Pastuccia al Vinowhich is basically sausage simmered in wine. I really liked because it had a little sweet aftertaste.

Pastuccia al Vino

Baby Pulpo: I was sooo disgusted disappointed with this dish. The presentation was terrible and just kinda looked like vomit because the mini octopus were whole and just ugly-looking. I tried it just because I´ve learnt that food cannot be judged by it´s appearance…unfortunately I could barely swallow it. Maybe if the presentation was more appealing chewing it would´nt feel like punishment. needless to say I only took one bite.

Baby Poplpo alla Luciana

big no no for me 😦

After the octopus incident the entrees came and everything was forgiven 🙂

First dish was Prawns al Pesto with grilled vegetables. As you can see they are very appealing and so happy they had enough for me to get full!. They were a bit bland, but I just think they needed a little salt; but still, I recommend it.

Pestro Prawns

Pesto Praws with grilled vegetables

Linguini Carbonara: Mamma Mia! These where just perfect! the pasta was al dente, the sauce was not bland or over seasoned and have just the right amount of bacon

Linguini Carbonara


Overall I think this restaurant has great potential , but need to work on how they present the dishes, to make it more appetizing for the customers. The waitress was very attentive and liked they little detail where the bill came in.

One last thing, please change your menu. A dirty piece of black and white paper is just NOT acceptable. you can do better


One Response to “Sca Trattoria”

  1. sociedadgourmet September 4, 2013 at 6:37 pm #

    totally agree on the comment about the menu, just unnaceptable!! The pace is cosy and with great potencial.

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