Colatte Cafe

6 Aug

Even though I was dying to taste the food in Colatte Cafe I was a little skeptical because I had heard a couple nasty comments about the service, but I really enjoyed it.

First of all the decoration is very cozy but elegant and chic at the same time, has a very french feel to it  ( I have a soft spot for french styled restaurants). It has an Outside terrace which is always great for a friend gathering… but now let´s get down to business!

The food was good  Amazing! and the portions are more than enough for one person. This time, I did not order appetizers but went straight to entrees. I ordered an Asian Tuna Steak , which consisted on Teriyaki sauce, caramelized onions, creamy spinach(to die for!!) and spicy yucca mash. The tuna might have been a bit over cooked but honestly for me was just perfect. The creamy spinach was delightful and just blended right in with all the flavor. The yucca mash was a little too spicy but not unbearable, but I think I could´ve enjoyed it more if was a bit on the mild side. Overall the dish was delicious and very fulfilling, specially with the yucca as a side dish.

Asian Tuna Steak

Tuna Steak With creamy spinash and spicy yucca mash

The second entree was Teriyaki Land and Sea, it has skirt steak and shrimp on Asian noodles. The meat was very juicy and tender, my favorite part of the dish actually. The noodles where OK, but I think it was a little on the sweet side for me, a little off with all of the other flavor, but it was edible.

Land and turf Teriyaki

Skirt steak with teriyaki sauce noodles

The presentations made the food very desirable and the food was just mouth-watering. I loved that the size of the portions actually feel me up since the restaurant is a little pricey. A dinner for two (with no appetizers nor dessert and 2 glasses of wine) was about RD$2,000. This is the normal price range for a restaurant in this category, but it was satisfying it was worth it.

The service was nothing special but neither disappointing.


One Response to “Colatte Cafe”

  1. santananinosca August 28, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

    I was visiting this restaurant and i loved. Is ideal to share with your friends or your couple and the food was really nice!

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