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Pura Tasca

26 Aug

Spanish food lovers get ready, Pura Tasca has a variety of delicious dishes for you. I adored this place, and brought me back to the time I lived in Barcelona(sniff sniff). The location is one of my favorites in Santo Domingo, at The Colonial City in Plaza España with a view to the Columbus Alcazar.

This time instead of ordering and entrée and appetizer, I went straight to the good stuff ,Tapas!
The complimentary toast with aioli and tomato sauce was very tasty and great way to start dinner  with. I loved the aioli, garlic for me just makes everything better and the tomato sauce was mild but great with the toast, as the traditional pa amb tomàquet (tomato and bread) Tapa served in Spain.
pa amb tomàquet

toast with tomato



20 Aug

Market is one of my favorite places to go in the city. The food is always good and the ambiance just makes you feel relaxed;  since you won´t feel like you should overdress just to grab a something to eat (Dominicans tend to dress fancy for a night out ). They have an outdoor terrace which is pretty nice, but I always sit inside so I can enjoy my dinner with the a/c.

The fact that It’s decorated with logs makes me feel like I’m in a modern, plain but elegant cabin . The fact that you can look into the kitchen when your meal is being cooked  is comforting to me, because everything looks clean and I don’t have to worry about finding little surprises on my plate.
Log decorated oven

love it 🙂

La Scarpetta

16 Aug

I stopped by La Scarpetta for a business meeting but I fell in love with this little Italian place instantly ❤ ! Literally love at first sight. The decoration is beautiful, filled with little christmas lights on the roof and lots of detailed and very unique decoration. Even though I was there for a meeting it could work well for a date or somewhere you could meet up with friends to catch up 🙂

La Scarpetta
Twinkle Twinkle. Love it!!

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